LMP + Goldfish Snacks on a Rainy Day

“This post has been sponsored by Goldfish® Crackers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I find rainy days to be hard when it comes to entertaining the kids because let’s be honest, the easiest way for a kid to run out their energy is at the park! This past rainy day I decided to put on my creative hat and create a “board game” table. No joke, these games provided endless hours of entertainment!

My kid are always snacking on Goldfish Crackers, which I love because there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, baked with real cheese, and the colors are sourced from plants…. In other words - A snack you can feel good about serving to your kids. (Click here to snag them for your own kids!)


The Goldfish Crackers acted as the pieces for each game, which made it that much more fun to snack and play.


I took a large piece of white paper (was a large roll of paper which you can find at your local craft or hardware store - can be kraft paper if you cannot find white) and divided it into 4 quadrants. In each quarter, I made a different game for them to play- checkers, tic tac toe, a racing board game, and hangman (where instead of losing when the man is complete, you lose if you fill in all 6 Goldfish!) My kids are 6 and 9, so don’t think you have to be an artist to draw this!  The kids will not judge your artistic skills. I made the paper the same size of my dining room table to provide full coverage on the table and minimize the mess!

I set out 2 bowls of whole grain Goldfish Crackers in cheddar and original on top of the paper for the kids to snack on or use the 2 different colors to differentiate game pieces.

It was like magic. The kids loved every second of these games while snacking, making a day spent inside because of the rain, a good one!