An LMP Halloween Throw Down

I think you may know by we now we are total suckers for the holidays. Especially starting in the fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving....We can't get enough. Every year we hope to out do the last.
Well this year we teamed up with Chex cereal to build a Little Miss Halloween Party in a Box and we are so excited to show you how we styled all of the fabulous components.

There are so many easy ways to throw a party. Well we say that cause we have been doing it for years. Today we're going to tell you exactly how you can host your friends for a themed holiday Halloween. So get those invites out, you still have time! And let's get planning...


-Black, White, Orange and Gold - your color palette.
-Tissue combs (they look like pumpkins and are easy to hang) and gold lanterns.
-Candles, candles and more candles. Whatever you have around. Even use recycled glass jars from your kitchen.
-Use household items for a vase for fresh flowers. We used a skull shaped plastic pitcher and spray painted it gold. Then added some fresh flowers that we found in the farmers market.
-Carve out the inside of a medium sized pumpkin and line with a bowl or napkin. Fill with Deviled Chex™ Mix and set on the table with stripe paper cups for your guests to fill.

Add a Fun Twist to Your Favorite Party Dish: Top your cupcakes with Halloween chocolate. Add crushed Chex to the melted chocolate before filling your Halloween chocolate molds and add an extra crunch to your bite. Here’s how we made these spooky and sweet treats…
-Crush 1 cup of your favorite Chex™ cereal (we used Cinnamon Chex™) in a bag.
-Place chocolate chips or discs (we used a 12oz bag) into a microwave safe bowl.
-Heat the chocolate in stages of 30 seconds giving a stir in between until all chocolate is fully melted.
-Add the crushed Chex™ into the bowl of melted chocolate and stir.
-Pour or spoon the melted chocolate mixture into your graveyard hand mold tray. Let the tray set in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.
-Pop your Graveyard hands out, top your cupcakes and enjoy!


We did the same with a skull mold and put them on sticks. We stuck them into a gold sprayed pumpkin so guests can grab and go.

Something to Wet Your Whistle: Set up a Bloody scary Mary bar. Fill your skull pitcher with tomato juice and add the trimmings alongside.  Olives, mini pickles, limes, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and celery salt will make for a killer cocktail.  Use your witches cauldron as a tub to fill with ice and a spirit of your choice for your guests to spike if they like. Set out napkins, cups, straws and stir sticks for a make your own cocktail station.


A Little Something Extra: Send your family or guests home with a gory treat by filling black and white striped favor bags with Chocolate Chex™ cereal and attach a recipe for the Red Velvet Chex™ Party Mix.

All photos above were taken by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative.