LMP Travels to St. Barth's AKA Paradise


Last week, a dream that I never even dreamt, came true. One of our clients, who I have a wonderful relationship with, invited me to St. Barth's to help her throw the most fabulous 50th birthday party to date.


It was a weekend full of events with 36 of her closest friends. We'll go into more detail on the events in another post but for now...let me tell you a little bit about where we stayed and what we did while we were over there on the most gorgeous island that exists.


Maggie joined me to help with all the work and we were put up in Hotel Cheval Blanc. When we walked into our room we were floored by the beauty. It was so bright, clean and tastefully designed. We noticed French doors...we quickly opened them and landed ourselves onto a huge deck with a table, chairs and loungers...all that overlooked the lush, green mountains. Pretty fabulous to say the least.


When we arrived it was in the early evening on a Wednesday. Maggie and I wanted to grab a bite so we took showers and got dolled up for a relaxing night out. We asked the concierge where to go. We wanted a low key spot on the beach. She sent us to a great spot on the beach called Sand Bar. We quickly realized, there's no such thing as "low key" in St. Barth's seeing as this was a Jean-Georges restaurant! We stuck to simple items on the menu like pizza and watermelon sangria and enjoyed every second of that dinner.


Now let's talk about all the food we ate back at the hotel. Oh Em Gee. Breakfast was a daily dream. We enjoyed the buffet that was full of cheeses, croissants, fresh fruit, tons of baguettes and chocolate muffins. After loading up at the buffet we would order coffee and eggs. Sometimes bacon on the side. Wasn't a bad way to start our morning...


Our days were the perfect mix of business + pleasure. And when it came time for lunch...we would sit on the beach with a bottle of water, glass of rose and every single day, we ordered the Croque Monsieur with black truffle. WOW.  That's all I have to say. Wow. Totally addicted. Wish I could have one right now...


The beach and property at this hotel were so picturesque and beautiful. It was hard not to shoot everything we own. Like Maggie's gorgeous Ramblerose Jewelry, our cocktails, walks back to our room after the tropical showers that sometimes came through. It was pure beauty everywhere you trend.


Favorite part of the trip? Toting around Little Miss Party in a Box ALL OVER THE PLACE! We made our mark in St. Barth's. That's for sure! Hoping we can go back one day soon...


All photos by Maggie Antalek.