Turning Two and On the Go


We recently had the pleasure of working on a party for the sweetest little 2 year old, Avi. When his mom came to us to plan the party she said he’s always “on the go”. So let’s use this as the theme…


Having two little boys I got this completely and we thought, airplanes…what a great theme!
The party was going to be at the NY Kids club on 22nd street. We did a tea for the wee party there so we knew the drill and love working with the staff at this place. They are so friendly, helpful and truly fabulous with the kids. A great venue for a young child’s party.
The way the party sets up in this venue is they start with an hour of organized gym time where the kids sing songs, play games and run around. The adults are pretty tied up with their little ones or chatting with the other parents so there is not much time for them to eat or drink so we set up a table with options that would be easy for the grown ups to just grab n go. This is where we were inspired to name the event: Air Avi. Like American Airlines, Jetblue and several other airlines today, we put together a gourmet snack box for each of the adults to take. We made it full of goodies that they could either eat easily at the party or take home to enjoy later on. We included cubed cheese and crackers, a bag of natural chips, a mini hummus and pretzels and a Lindt chocolate. We also threw in a napkin wrapped around a fork and tied with baker’s twine and an individual wet nap.

Once we came up with this idea Avi’s mom put us in touch with her close friend Terria who has an artistic knack for graphic design. So we worked with Terria on the artwork for Air Avi and she did an incredible job….

Terria created an Air Avi logo for our boxes and we had her make up a President’s Club sign for the menu so the guests knew what was inside of our gourmet boxes. We displayed these on a table right in front of the gym along side some prosecco, beers and sparkling sodas for the guests to help themselves.

For the last half hour of the party the kids and parents move into the party room where pizza and dessert is served…

For the kids table we worked with Shop Sweet Lulu. We love their products as they have the best colors and patterns in paper goods. We also set the table with styrofoam airplanes and these cloud balloons tied to each chair so the kids could take them home on their way out.


The dessert table was a huge hit. We came up with a simple but really fun sweets menu and had Kristan from Kreated by K whip everything up. As usual…she did a great job and the crowd went wild for her goods…oatmeal chocolate chip pops and carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting…yum!


As for the cake, Avi’s mom wanted to take the lead here and we’re so glad she did. The cake came from Tribeca Treats and was so fab! It was designed perfectly for our theme and was pretty delicious!

To send the kids home with a lil something we ordered the most adorable muslim bags from Jennifer’s Cookies. Inside we stuffed them with airplane shaped crayons that Avi’s mom was able to find online – they fit perfectly inside! We added a hangtag that Terria designed for us and then displayed them all in a vintage suitcase. The kids loved em!

As for all of the photos you are seeing in this post…they were taken by Edward Chan. We just got to meet Edward at Avi’s party for the first time and he was a pleasure to work with. We were able to view the entire album of pics that he took of Avi and his family and he did a pretty incredible job with the shots. Each one was better then the next. No doubt Edward captured some great memories on film for Avi!


Happy birthday sweet Avi, we loved working with you and hope to do so again one day soon!