How to Transform Your Office into a Holiday Party Wonderland


It's pretty obvious the Little Miss Party team doesn't work in a "typical" office setting. We might not have rows of cubicles or ugly corporate carpeting, but we still have our clutter, piles of paperwork, crowded cork boards, and messy desks. We work out of Manhattan studio apartment, which Seri has converted into an office of 3 desks and an open room we use primarily for photoshoots. On a regular basis, we have 4 people working in the office, which often means Natalie is running to and from the kitchen, I am conducting photoshoots, Abby is packing boxes of materials for upcoming events, and Seri is in an out of meetings with clients. In other words, it gets MESSY. And cluttered. And crazy.

For our first ever team holiday party, we wanted the office to look like a beautiful, pink, winter wonderland, which required a lot of creative hiding spots and rearranging of our usual setup. 

First, we created an awesome gold photo hoop with team photos from throughout the past year. The steps of this DIY will be up on the blog next week! We wanted our guests to get a taste for some of the fun we've had throughout 2017, and this hoop was a total show-stopping decor piece. We even added Seri's favorite Oh Joy! bar cart just below it, and the circular shapes mimicked one another perfectly. We set up our punch bowl, pink tumblers, and gold bucket so everything was ready just before the party started.


Next, we transformed the back corner from a bar storage spot to our food station. One of our best tips for hosting in a small space is to USE LINENS! Not only do they transform a table from drab to fab, but they can cover up the space below for you to use it as extra storage. Save the closets for your guests' coats!

Seri made an amazing charcuterie platter with a wooden plank from CB2, filling in gaps with our favorite flavorful chips from Kettle Brand. We had 2 amazing platters from Poppy's  that were a huge hit. And just as we were running out of space, we got a cupcake delivery from Sugar Monster.  They sent us the most adorable mini cupcakes in pink ombré, with glittery edible toppers. No room on the table? No problem- use a cake stand to create height and a separate space for your desserts.


Next we tackled the back office where we keep our desks. We knew people wouldn't spend too much time back here, but we still wanted it to look nice and provide an extra surface for food and beverage overflow. We also used linens here so we could store all our computers and supplies under the desks and create a clean look throughout the space. We added lights, beverage trays, and even some buckets of beer, courtesy of our friends over at Narragansett.


We also added a beverage station for those looking to drink something a little harder than beer, wine, or holiday punch. We added some of our favorite party fringe to the back side of our bar cart and filled in the bottom shelf with a disco ball, silver antler, and some beautiful flowers.


Seri even added a DJ booth for the boys to perform! They totally rocked the party, as usual.

And last but not least, Natalie helped bring my final, crazy winter wonderland vision to life. When I suggested we fill the ceiling with snowflakes she knew exactly what to do. And about 80 paper snowflakes later, we were ready to transform the space. With just a little paper, string, and tape, watch how we made it happen!


I really hope you've all joined in the fun through our Instagram stories and Snapchat videos! We've been having such a blast behind the scenes, so be sure to follow along if you haven't already.

Throughout the rest of this holiday season, we hope you celebrate safely and in style. Sign up for our newsletter this week for some last minute STEALS on holiday decor. NYE is so close, but it's not too late to party it up LMP style! Sign up below!