Birth Boss Days


When Michelle and I first met it was, I believe in October of 2007. I had just recently married my best friend, Adam and my 29th birthday was creeping up. Michelle and I connected instantly over so many things in common, one in particular, being our birthdays were one week apart.


We were always planning parties. Not just for our birthdays but every single thing we could think of to celebrate. We became fast friends for life and later moved on to becoming business partners.

Now, every year, for our birthdays we consult with each other on our plans. At this stage in our lives (being a bit, ahem, older...) we don't have a blow out party for every birthday. Now it seems to go by the "5's".


This year, I'm turning...dare I say it, 39. It's officially my last year in my 30's. As I'm sure you can imagine, next year will be a blow out. But this year...we're keeping it low key. When I say low key, I don't mean we're doing nothing. So to celebrate our birthdays this year, Michelle and I chose a date for her to come into the city to have some wine and cake.


The girls in the office wanted to create a festive vibe for us to enjoy an afternoon of each other's company and our upcoming birthdays, so they pulled our Grown up Birthday Party in a Box to set the table with. How stunning is this all? The gold splatter plates?  I mean really. They are too gorge right? You also get a full set of our "Party People" shatterproof cups that we designed for Govino. 


We had the best time chatting, sipping on wine and diving into a decadent chocolate cake. There's no better way to celebrate your birthday then with a group of best friends right?