Super Bowl Soda and Pizza Bar

This post has been sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Let’s be honest, game day party ideas are mostly for the ladies.  Most guys don’t care about cute football-themed decor…they just care about watching the game, eating and drinking.  


For those of us who don’t enjoy watching football but want to be part of the fun on game day, playoff parties are a social event that everyone can enjoy!

Maggie and I thought it would be fun to host a Game Day Party for our friends this year in our new apartment, complete with festive decor, a variety of pizza and Coca-Cola® beverages, and a Football Themed Bingo that our guests could play together during the game. 

To gather all that we needed for our party menu, we headed over to our local Sam’s Club, game time’s favorite teammate, where they have a great selection of food and drinks.  Curious where your closest Sam’s Club is? You can find out here.

Pizza is a fan favorite, especially on game day so we served up a mix of Member’s Mark Take & Bake 16" pizzas, in the Deluxe, Pepperoni and Cheese flavors.  You can find these and many other game day essentials on here.  

You never want to run short on drinks at a party so we stocked up in the beverage section, with a case of 35 cans of refreshing Coke® Zero Sugar and 4 packs of ice cold Sprite® and Coca-Cola® classic in 2 liter bottles. 


With our food and drinks selected, Maggie got to work decorating the table.  First, she lined the table with astro turf so the table resembled a football field.  For our soda bar, she set out cake stands to act as risers for two glass beverage dispensers, which we used to serve the Sprite® and Coca-Cola®… just like a soda fountain! We repurposed the old soda bottles and used them as vases for flowers and placed them next to each beverage dispenser, so that the guests would know what type of Coca-Cola® beverage was in each dispenser.

In the middle of the two dispensers, we lined up the cans of Coke Zero Sugar® on top of a wooden crate in a pyramid formation. 


One of our favorite ways to enjoy a cold soda is by making a “soda float”, so we set out a bowl of vanilla ice cream for guests to make their own using Coca-Cola® or Coke® Zero Sugar®.  


Right before our guests arrived, we popped the Member’s Mark 16" Take & Bake Pizzas into the oven to cook.  Because each pizza is refrigerated, not frozen, they only took a few minutes to bake and tasted super fresh.

We cut each pizza into square shaped pieces and served them on our favorite wooden serving board.  To differentiate between each pizza, Maggie placed a flag food topper listing the flavor of each pizza.


These flag food toppers are the easiest DIY! Here’s how you can make the same flags:
Step 1: Fold your construction paper in half and measure out the size of your flags along the seam.


Step 2: Cut the same size flags all along the fold mark.


Step 3: Using a thin tip marker, write out the names of each flavor on the flags.


Step 4: Finally, use hot glue on the inside fold and tip of the flag to glue in the toothpick and seal the edges together.


Maggie also made the cutest football menu sign using letter stickers, which she stuck to an actual football, spelling out “Pizza and Coca-Cola Station, Help Yourself.” Using stickers is an easy hack because you can pull them off at the end of the party without ruining the ball.


For a final touch, we set out utensils on the table in a brown paper bag that Maggie added football laces to, using cardstock and tape. 


With our food and drinks ready to go the last step was to hang our “GO TEAM” pennant banner above the table, and welcome our guests!


Everyone helped themselves to the Member’s Mark 16" Take & Bake Pizzas and Coca-Cola® sodas, and once the game started we handed out BINGO games for everyone to play along.

Want to join the party? You can download our football Bingo cards here to print at home yourself. 

Now eat your heart out and Happy Game Day!