LMP Squad Goals: 2018

Okay, so 2017 might have been a rough year for all of us, but to be fair, we all walked away from it with important lessons learned and great attitudes for the new year. We built a solid squad, grew together AND independently, and we're ready to get stronger than ever for a kick*ss 2018. We're thinking BIG this year, people. Just wait 'til you see all we're dreaming up.


We're thrilled that Little Miss Party is seriously thriving, but that being said, we all fell a little behind in our personal betterment throughout the fall & holiday season. Non-stop events, business development, and general life in NYC kept us busy busy busy. As cliché as it is, we all made our own New Years Resolutions. Life is only going to get more crazy this year, and we all want to get ahead of those little things that set us back.


  1. Visit a museum at least once a month- You guys, I love museums, especially art museums, and NYC is FULL of them! And guess what. I've been here 6 months and still haven't been to one! This year I'm vowing to go to one per month! If you have suggestions, throw them my way!
  2. Eat less sugar- Believe it or not, I'm the only one in the office with a SERIOUS sweet tooth... I mean, if you follow me on Instagram you probably see how often I post ice cream and cookies. I always end up being the only one on the team who snacks on leftover dessert from photo shoots and parties and it's time to cut back!
  3. Follow a more disciplined workout routine- Listen, I'm the first to admit that I already go to the gym 4-5 times a week, but that doesn't always mean I give it my all. This year I want to vow to push just a little harder. I've already started by taking way more Barry's Bootcamp classes than I can afford, but I'm feeling great!
  4. SAVE UP for an awesome trip- On that note... saving in NYC is just about the hardest thing I've ever had to do. And like most girls here, I can't help but shop way too often. So this year, besides just saving in GENERAL, I think it will help to save for a specific goal, like TRAVEL. Because I love exploring new places, this is the best way to motivate myself to set aside the money I need for a cool trip.


  1. Drink more water!- This is a great goal for EVERYONE- myself included. But especially in our industry, Seri and the rest of us are up and about and moving SO much, we often don't think so much about hydrating. 
  2. Eat lunch- Seri may laugh at me for bringing in my broccoli and turkey meatballs, but at least I'm EATING! Hopefully she will let me make healthy lunches for the whole team on a regular basis so she has no excuse to skip lunch!
  3. Go to bed earlier than 2am on a nightly basis- This is no joke folks- Abby and I frequently wake up to Seri's late night email blasts in the morning, and we totally worry about the fact that she DOESN'T SLEEP. She might be a robot or something... But this is the perfect resolution for her, especially with the crazy year we have ahead of us.
  4. Write more Thank You notes- Seri is very good about writing thank you notes, especially with her kids when they receive gifts from friends and family, but she knows she could be better. With always being online and everything being sent via email, she misses the gesture of a handwritten note. She's vowing to write more thank you notes to clients, friends, and family this year, especially now that we have a full stack of beautiful cards from Opie's Paper Co.!


  1. Get more sleep- You guys know Abby and I live together, right? Well, she's right. She does not sleep enough! Sleep is so necessary with our type of job, being active for the gym, and keeping up with our social lives. Maybe I'll have to start playing mom of the house this year to get us both into a better nighttime routine...
  2. Take better care of my skin- I'm right there with you, Ab. More nighttime face mask sessions, k? We're gonna be clear and glowing before you know it!
  3. Cook more/ order Seamless less- When we decided to be roommates, I warned Abby that I cook A LOT. Because I'm really picky about eating healthy as often as I can. She was really excited because she felt this would be a great motivator for her own routine. And she's not giving herself enough credit! She totally cooks more than she used to, but there's no harm in saving the extra money and eating the things we know are healthy!
  4. Save money- Okay, phew, I'm not the only one. I'm telling you, this city is expensive! I might spend too much at Zara, but Abby is totally guilty of a Target addiction. We're going to try to stop... but everything is just so CUTE... 


  1. See the glass half full instead of empty- Oh, our sweet Natalie! As I've gotten to know her over this past year, I've seen how sensitive she can be. There's nothing wrong with that, but for such a beautiful and talented girl, she should have every reason to keep her chin up and stay optimistic. She's been dealt a tough hand this past year, but I think 2018 will be the year she THRIVES. 
  2. Make more of an effort to have experiences & be with friends- We've all been there! Life gets tough and exhausting and the comforts of home are so nice. But as we keep getting older, this is SO important- get out there and really enjoy your life!
  3. Stop snacking when I’m not hungry!!- Natalie, I feel you on this. We've discussed our love for eating in depth and we just totally understand each other. Unfortunately, it's not a healthy habit and I think this is a goal everyone should have for themselves.


I'm feeling motivated, excited, and SO ready for 2018. Thanks for sticking with us, and please share your own resolutions, and how you're getting after them, in the comments below!