Fit and Fabulous with Garmin


In the digital age that we now live in, there are so many different ways to stay fit and healthy. Garmin, who I formerly associated with GPS devices, launched a line of wearables and asked us to help them create a special experience for a selected group of media and influencers to test out.

There were a few different types of products that Garmin was showcasing at the event, each one more fascinating than the next.

One that had me personally, very interested in, was the Family line of products. The team at Garmin sent over a couple of the new watches for my boys to test out and they LOVED them. The watches connect to an app that allows the kids to track their activity, chores (!!) and sleep patterns. They can set alarms, goals and so much more. I was so impressed and my kids have not taken these watches off since receiving them.


There was a running station and a mountain climbing station where you could learn about the features of the watches that are for the true outdoorsy, sporty types. This is where we could not even believe what we pulled off…


With the help of our friends at SFDS, we brought in a mountain. You heard me. It was so awesome!


The gorgeous furniture that we set and branded all over the space was from Taylor Creative Inc. While the party itself was help at the Penthouse 45, a venue that we have worked in several times before and love for the blank palette that they provide as well as the breathtaking views of NYC.

We also brought in our friends at Pinch Food Design to serve delicious hors d’ouerves and cocktails while the guests mingled, collected swag and learned about the new line of Garmin products.

Last but not least was the collaboration that Garmin announced with Spotify which we thought was super cool because we are avid listeners of Spotify!


We love being a part of these unique events where brands invite people in to test their products because we know as consumers ourselves, touching and feeling the product yourself before making the purchase really is the best way to shop.

Seri KertznerComment