Thankful AF


Thanksgiving is most definitely the time of year that makes you stop and think woah…another year has just flown by right?! It’s also the time of year where I start reflecting back at all of the good and the bad.


This year, was a bad year for MEN. With all the news and man-hate on social media I realized more than ever just how lucky I am. My husband is a gem, my father in law is a doll and my sons are well…hopefully going to turn out OK.


This year I’m hosting 16 family members for Thanksgiving and will be sure to tell each and every one of my guests just how thankful I am to have them in my life. We’ll be out at the house for the holiday which is great because I have a real kitchen out here, not like my tiny little kitchen in the city. It’s most certainly helpful to have TWO ovens on Thanksgiving day when I am roasting a turkey and reheating all my side dishes!

If you follow me on social media then you may have caught my segment on AM2DM yesterday where I spoke about Thanksgiving tips. The one that I feel most strongly about is setting the table the day before Thanksgiving and that’s what I did so today I’ll be able to focus on the cooking, serving and enjoying my guests. I find when I’m well prepared and organized, I have more time to enjoy my party.


My table looks very similar to the table that I set a couple years ago and I’m OK with that. I love the color combo so I just went with it again. I rented the tables, linens, tableware and chairs from Please Be Seated to make my life easier. This way I’m not washing a million dishes after dinner, I don’t have to clean linens or fuss with getting extra chairs to fit everyone around my 10 person dining room table.


The girls made me the most festive napkin rings which I paired with my favorite plaid napkins and Luke took care of the table seating plan making sure all the kids got to sit next to each other so there would be no questions or fights when we go to sit down at the table.


I think we’re set…how about you?!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving friends. Hope it’s a good one. Gobble Gobble.

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