So many of you have reached out to me on Instagram and asked for restaurant recommendations so I thought it was a good time to build a list of my faves. Ok let’s do this…

Dim Sum Faves

Dim Sum Go Go - This restaurant is our go to for dim sum. Located in the heart of chinatown, this resturant is amazing for brunch on a Sunday or dinner any night. We are obsessed with the rice rolls, spring rolls, lotus leaf with chicken, pan fried noodles and all of their dumplings. Don’t forget the pork buns - ah! YUM!

Tim Ho Wan - This is the cheapest Michelin star resturant opened to date. Nothing on the menu is over $5.95. They opened in NYC last year and we have been frequenting ever since. I have tried and loved every single item on the menu except for the chicken feet (I’m a chicken, pun intended).

Nom Wah - They now have a couple of locations downtown both of which I have taken the kids too and we loved. Their dumplings are off the handles delicious.


Chinese food in the City

Joe’s Shanghai - if you have never been to Joe’s. Run. Don’t walk. Order the soup dumplings (my favorite are the pork), sesame chicken and the green beans with beef. Trust me. Just trust me.

Peking Duck House - Obviously the best thing about this place is the DUCK! They also can accommodate large parties and have very reasonably priced prix fixed packages BUT what I love most is that you can bring your own wine and liquor! They do take reservations here, make one because they get very busy!

Red Farm and Decoy - Ok two for one…
So Red Farm is one of my faves but they don’t take reservations. So either go at 5pm for the opening or plan to wait for an hour or more. Order the Pacman dumplings.
Decoy is their sister restaurant where they serve the best peking duck you’ll ever eat.


Great for Kids
All the restaurants on this list happen to be places that my kids love to eat however here are a few specifics…

Gyu Kaku - Cook your own food at this Japanese BBQ restaurant that my children personally LOVE. I sit there drinking wine while they do all the work. Boom.

Dos Cominos - Fun, Mexican, lively scene. They have a great kids menu and the best guacamole that they make in front of you at the table!
They have a location in Soho with an outdoor patio which is fabulous for the summer with or without kids, especially over happy hour.

Katz’s Deli - Is the best for anyone really. Corn beef, pastrami and their pickles OMG. Out of this world. Super casual and 24 hours so you can go anytime.

Big Gay Ice Cream - Where ice cream dreams are made of.

Best Sushi

Blue Ribbon Sushi - has always been my favorite. The sushi is so fresh and they have tons of creative options.

Nobu - an oldie but a goodie. It’s become quite the chain but I still love it. We’ll often go to Nobu next door when we’re on the fly and don’t have a reservation.

Jewel Bako - My husband’s favorite sushi restaurant where they have a tuna tartar trio appetizer dish that is to die for.


Sadelle’s - Bagels, eggs, the best white fish salad on the planet. Get yourself a reservation here for brunch or lunch ASAP.

Egg Shop - Always zooey and they don’t take reservations so you may want to go at an off hour…during the week or late in the day on a weekend. They have so many different egg dishes and each one is better than the next.

Prune - has forever been my favorite spot for brunch. Also gets crazy here so I suggest if you’re going on a weekend to get there before 10am, get in line and get in FIRST! They have the best hash browns on the planet.


Date night!

Pasquale Jones - the guys who own this restaurant have a few other gems, all equally fabulous with great food and scenes. So you can also try Charlie Bird and Legacy Records.

La Esquina - this hidden, speakeasy of a restaurant is one of the best. It’s an underground Mexican restaurant where you enter by getting through a bouncer and going through their kitchen.

Dirty French - Totally cool and incredible food in the lower east side. This restaurant is sexy and cool and great for a date, double date or dinner with your friends.

Rosemary’s - They have a garden on their roof which is rare in NYC where they grow fresh veggies and herbs during the warm east coast months. Their focaccia is heart busting, the pork and steak are my faves and they have a lovely selection of wine not to mention a very cool scene.

GR Souvlaki - is some of the best Greek food around town. I could eat 1,000 of their baby lamb chops in one sitting and their lemon potatoes are mind blowingly good.

Freeman’s - This restaurant is hidden in a small ally and is one of my all time faves as it’s been around since I moved to NYC many many years ago. It’s cozy, super cool and the food is absolutely wonderful. They also have tons of rooms and packages for groups and parties.


Best Pizza

Pizza Beach - This place has amazing pizza BUT is also instagrammable FUN!

Rosemary’s Pizza - Their salads are insane, their bread is off the handles and they have a pizza with a fried egg on top. Enough said.

Joe’s Pizza - down and dirty NYC style pizza by the slice or pie, truly the best.

Lombardi’s - in the heart of Soho is an NYC classic and great for groups.

Rubirosa - where the pizza is absolutely heavenly and they have an insanely cool tye die pizza!


Best Italian

Via Carota - A West Village Hotspot, this place will always have a wait, BUT so worth it. Their famed hand-chopped grassfed steak is a must try.

Malaparte - Another gem in the West Village, Malaparte is your pasta destination. You’ll be full for 3 days after their carbonara.

Frankie’s 570 Spuntino - And, another one in the West Village. Shocking, I know, but what can we say? The Village knows how to do Italian right. Frankie’s kills it with their wide variety of appetizers, to-die-for Cavatelli with browned sage butter, and a full brunch menu.