Hot Cocoa & Winter Celebrations


I’ve known Michelle now for ….hmm…ok let’s not count the years. It’s been a long time. In all the years I have known her, I’m not sure I have ever missed a Christmas celebration with her. When Michelle moved out of the city to Long Island, she finally had the chance to go all out with her fabulous Christmas decorations having much more space than she did in her tiny Manhattan apartment and all I can say is wow. The first time I saw her holiday set up I was floored.

Michelle has the most fabulous style and taste in decorating so although I was blown away by her beautiful Christmas living room I was not surprised. Every year we now go over to Michelle’s and celebrate the holidays together as a team. Last year we even had the chance to help her decorate by making a beautiful holiday card garland. While after having her son, Michelle took on the full time role of being a Mom but never stopped being a part of our team. Her creative input is invaluable to us and we love every moment we get to spend with her.

This year we celebrated the holidays with the coziest and prettiest Hot Cocoa Bar.  We filled our mugs with a rich chocolate powder and had several toppings to choose from. We plated cookies galore and pretended Santa was coming early - ha!

One of the best things about our team here at LMP is our love for each other. We are so blessed to be so close and caring of one another. I would think this is a rarity in many companies so it’s not something I take for granted. With Michelle’s birthday coming up in a few days we took her out to lunch after our time by the tree and got to really catch up on each other’s lives. It was perfect.


I always tell Michelle that if I weren’t Jewish, I would want my house to look just like hers over Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year, Michelle! We love you and our time together, especially over the holidays.