Mulled Wine to Ring in the New Year

Today is one of the biggest days of the year to celebrate, and you know the whole LMP squad is getting ready to party. We whipped up this mulled wine cocktail and had to share the recipe with you because it will make a PERFECT drink for your guests at your New Years Eve gatherings.

With the weather cooling down, this drink is exactly what you need to stay warm and cozy inside and provide enough drinks to go around. Making mulled wine in a big batch makes it easy for you as a host to not have to run around filling drinks. Everyone can fill up as they please!

You can swap out your spirits, wine, and fruit for any you prefer, but here’s what we used:

  1. red wine

  2. brandy

  3. apples

  4. cinnamon

  5. maple syrup

Put your pot on a burner and add the whole bottle of red wine. Keep the heat on low.

Add 3oz. of brandy, apple slices, cinnamon sticks and 2oz. of maple syrup to the pot.

Mix the ingredients with a spoon intermittently while it’s on the stove until the mixture is a comfortably hot temperature for drinking. Throughout the party, keep the mixture on as low as possible on the burner, or transfer the mixture to a crockpot. Keep a spoon and cups nearby for serving!

Happy New Years Eve, and warm welcome to 2019!