DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper


As you know, we’re all about the little details here at LMP. Every year, we try to make our gifts to one another more special than the year before. So this time around, Natalie and I decided we would provide customized wrapping paper everyone’s gifts. Not only does it save each member of the team a trip to the store, but it allows us to have control over the decor and color scheme of holiday decor.

The presents under the tree are JUST as much a decoration as the tree itself- if you make it that way! So once we chose the color scheme for our annual holiday party, we decided to make our wrapping paper match it perfectly.

This way, when our guests come in, they will be WOW-ed by the precision with which everything is decorated. From table linens to handmade ceiling decor, the wrapped presents will fit RIGHT in.

The great thing about this DIY is the simplicity. It requires so few materials, and all those materials are up to you. We encourage you to get creative with any supplies you might have at home. We bought absolutely nothing for this project. We gathered up paints in our party color scheme, found some brushes, scrounged up pom poms, chose some markers, and broke out the hot glue gun. The main thing you will need for this project is a roll of paper. We used a roll of white paper and large roll of kraft paper, which we keep on hand in the office at all times. This way, we could measure the amount we needed for a gift before committing to the amount we would create.

Once we rolled out the paper, measured each gift, and cut, we just got to making! We used markers and a ruler to create Christmas trees. To keep in pattern, we drew one tree to start, measured it, and then drew the next one about 2 inches away. We kept going like this in rows until we finished. Once the gift was wrapped we glued on some pom poms.

Natalie went crazy with the paint and metallic gold left in this stunning painterly design. She used broad strokes over and over in large motions to fill the paper, finishing it off with the gold leaf for a shiny finish.

We made a few more, in patterns like Christmas lights and holiday phrases like “HAPPY HOLIDAYS - CHEERS - JOY.” Our imaginations were going crazy with the amount of things we could have designed be hand for one another- but we stuck to the basics and the simplicity paid off. Our biggest piece of advice is to keep your design consistent and to cover the whole area in a balanced manner so no gaps show up.

All in all the presents turned out looking AMAZING under our tree and we can’t wait for our guests to see how well they fit into our party… but most of all, we can’t wait to exchange them. Because that’s what the holidays are all about right? Giving our love to one another. And especially in a handmade gift that shows how we poured our hearts into it.

Happy holidays to everyone, happy crafting and happy GIFTING!


Crafty Maggie