My Secret Homemade Valentines

When we sat down to plan the blog content calendar earlier this month, we decided to skip out on a post on Valentine’s Day because we already have so many great posts about the holiday and it didn’t quite feel right to post about something other than LOVE on the Day of Love.

Well, I decided on my own to go behind the team’s back and post anyway because I LOVE this day. Maybe it’s because it’s an excuse to be crafty and give something nice to those I love. Maybe it’s because today is a day that’s always been celebrated in my family, as it’s my little sister’s birthday. Growing up, my mom always gave us kids chocolates and a little something nice to show how much she love us. My dad always bought the girls flowers and we celebrated as a family. 

So this year, as I do almost every year, I made homemade chocolate peanut butter cups, watercolor valentines that I shipped out to some friends and family, and a little something extra for the girls at the office. So girls, when you do finally see this secret post, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Love you bunches.

I also made some DIY leather tassel keychains and Ramblerose mini tassel bracelets.  


Everything was homemade with love and care and I hope Seri, Natalie, and Abby love their little surprises waiting at their desks this Valentine’s Day!