How to set your Seder Plate, by your favorite Jolly Jew


So as you guys very well know, I'm a Jew. And boy do I love being a Jew.  One day soon I will share my Boobie's story about how she survived the Holocaust. It's mind blowing. She's so amazing and we're so lucky to be on this earth because of her.

Now the high holidays are when we really get down to business. Every Passover we get together as a family for a big, huge, dinner.

My kids are in Hebrew school and truth be told, they ask a lot of questions and I don't always know the answer. I mean c'mon guys.  I learned a lot in Hebrew school but...I also forgot a lot too.

Tonight, Luke asked Adam (thankfully not me) if God created Pharaoh, the Leader of the Slaves. Naturally Adam was caught off guard.

After chatting with some work friends he got some great answers for the little man...

God created the good and bad people to provide challenges to the people because real life is challenging and full of hurdles. Without the suffering that the Jews went through, we wouldn't have these special traditions that we have now, that gather us as a family to enjoy a home cooked meal, by so many cooks in the kitchen.


Sounds a bit morbid but Passover was a take the good with the bad kinda situation.

When my family gathers for Passover dinner it's about:

  1. Gathering as a family
  2. Setting a stunning table that we can take 4000 pictures of.
  3. The 30 min. Seder (we read from a condensed prayer book so we have more time to eat)
  4. The seder plate

Now you can't really mess up the seder plate...right?  It says exactly what to put where on the plate for you. have to be prepared.  It's not the kinda thing you want to forget and ask your mother in law to pick up a shank bone on her way to dinner.


Make sure your seder plate ingredients are on your grocery list and if you want to have a little laugh while you build your plate this Passover...what this! It's like the Jolly Jew's Guide to the Seder Plate.

The Egg:  We confirmed - symbolizes the sacrifice made and ate on the night of the seder (when they were freed). So it's just like the shank bone....something they ate. There are a lot of repeat offenders on that Seder Plate.

Happy Passover Friends!


Seder Plate: Kate Spade