Finally made it to the Alt Summit

For years now, I have been hearing about (and watching it all over social media!) The Alt Summit. And every year as I watch these fun, cool, creative people having the best time ever I have expressed my extreme FOMO to my friend, Ilana.


FOMO no more my friends. After missing the summit again last year, I signed up for the newsletter so I would get the alert on ticket sales. I set an alarm for the time tickets were going on sale because they sell out within minutes! And guess what....I GOT 'EM!

Ilana and I always wanted to go to together so we booked a hotel room to share and couldn't wait for our adventure to begin.


Turns out...the Alt Summit was just as fun as it looked in the photos. It's a 4 day summit consisting of sponsored booths that are designed in the most creative way and that you can visit throughout the week, a daily schedule of speakers and workshops that you can attend, a variety of meals are included and a super fun closing party.

Throughout the week you also receive a ton of swag from the sponsors. Here's what we were gifted just upon check in!

The summit takes place at The Suguaro Hotel. I stayed there last year and died from how fun it was. The hotel is painted like a rainbow making every corner you turn an instagrammable moment.


The greatest challenge that I had on this trip was figuring out how to do it all...
Ilana and I went through the schedule and planned out who we wanted to see speak and then we carved out pockets of time to explore Palm Springs. I'll talk more on that in another post later this month...but for now I'll tell you our favorite stop was the Parker Palm Springs. The restaurant was in the backyard and was beautifully designed. Not to mention, the food was delicious.


One speaker I was surely not going to miss was ILANA! Her Instagram accounts @MommyShorts and @AverageParentProblems are so successful she was asked to speak about how she does it and what her tricks to engaging your followers on Instagram stories are. She killed it. Was so fun to watch!

Then...there was the Munchkin event. On the first night of the summit, guests were given the opportunity to attend a sponsored dinner hosted by the top brands at the event. I was honored to be hired by Munchkin to style and coordinate their dinner party and let me tell you was pretty fabulous! So fabulous, they told me it was the best dinner they have hosted to date. More on this at later date as well..I'm still waiting on the photos.


The closing party was an 80's prom theme. Naturally I came well prepared with a tulle prom dress and Ilana played the role of my date perfectly. We chatted with influencers and bloggers, had a few glasses of Rosé and we danced the night away. 

I can tell you this, there was no shortage of color or fun on this trip. I enjoyed every moment and absolutely cannot wait to go back next year!

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