It's Never Easy to Say Good Bye


I met Abby back in 2013 when she was interning at a company called Red Light.  She was working with my old friend/babysitter/employee, Ali who referred Abby along to me. The second Abby walked in my door I knew she would be a constant ray of sunshine in my life. She was always so happy and positive and I quickly learned she was an incredibly hard worker. What Abby and I also came to realize was that she would be an asset to not only my family, but the LMP Team.


Abby officially started working as my assistant back in 2014. She worked her way up to be an Event & Cocktail Specialist and took charge of our client relations and events leaving a lasting impression on all of those who worked with her.


Abby is the most kind, happy, loyal and dedicated person. I have been so lucky to know her, work with her and call her a part of my family. Like every good, young, worker, Abby is now moving on. She landed her dream job with Superfly, a music festival production company. Abby is now going to get to live out her dreams of working in the music industry which coincides with her college degree.


I could not be happier or more proud of Abby. She deserves nothing but the best and I know she is going to thrive in her new job. As they say, all good things must come to an end. Luckily with Abby, I know she'll be in our lives forever so although we're losing her in the LMP Office, we will forever be seeing her smiling face within our family.

Abby: I wish you good luck, health and happiness on your new venture and know you will ROCK N ROLL in your new role in the music industry.


And now for a note from Maggie...


Abby, I can’t believe the day has come that you’re no longer sitting right behind me in the office. It’s simply bittersweet to see you go, but I know you are going to  be brilliantly successful in your new position. Working in the music industry was what your were BORN to do. You have shaped my entire experience at LMP, and in turn my career- without you, I would not be here… I would not know Seri… and I would likely not be living in NYC at all. For that, I THANK YOU. Thanks to your introduction three and a half years ago, I am in my dream position and have had the amazing experience of working alongside one of my best friends in the whole world. I feel so incredibly lucky. Our tight knit team is more accurately called a FAMILY- and we will never be the same without you here. I will miss your beautiful face during photoshoots and our chats en route to the Hamptons… but wow am I lucky you’re my roommate- you can’t REALLY escape me!!! I wish you the best of luck at Superfly, and even though I know you will be utterly amazing, I want leave you with is this: 
"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue these.”
Music has caught your heart, and we are all so glad you are now able to pursue it. Go out there and KILL IT! And invite us to all the festivals :) Love you bunches. xoxo Maggie


And last but not least, a few words from Natalie....


Abby - 
From day 1, I knew you were a keeper. In the beginning I was so nervous... of messing up, of asking a stupid question, of not knowing the right thing to say and the only person I felt comfortable going to was you. You’ve been a friend to confide in, a person to talk to when there was nothing important to say, and smiling face to walk into each & every morning. You have a way about you that is so genuine and hard to find. You’re so passionate about the things you care about, one of which being music. So even though I selfishly want you all to myself (and the rest of LMP), I always knew the music industry would one day find you & see all the amazing qualities about you that we love. The change is hard on all of us but you deserve all of your dreams and more! While I won’t be seeing you everyday anymore, I still expect you to give me life updates, show me charming little spots around town, & to introduce me to all the new and exciting things you come across. Wishing you all the best in this next chapter :* You’re gonna kill it!!

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