Every Party needs a Cake


When I hear birthday party...the first thing I think of is CAKE! Recently in NYC a new bakery opened up and they specialize in sprinkle cakes that surprise you when you make the first cut...


The bakery is called Flour Shop and is located just outside Soho. I took a walk over there the other day because it was my friend Gina's birthday. She lives in our building and I wanted to bring the kids up (her kids are the same age and all of them are in school together) to her apartment to celebrate.

To keep things simple but fun, we went up after dinner and I brought 2 of the mini Flour Shop Cakes plus a bottle of pink champagne for the grown ups to enjoy. I didn't want to make a big mess of Gina's dishes so I brought a few of my favorite plates, napkins and utensils from the LMP Shop for easy clean up and a festive look.

When we asked Gina to cut into the cake we told her to be aware of a surprise because I knew what was inside. You'll have to click on over to the Lil NYC Foodie's Instagram account to see how that played it...truly the best cake surprise EVER!

Once that cake was cut we served it up, popped the bubbly and enjoyed each other's company. Was the perfect way to PARTY!