Let's Have a Sweet Pizza Party!


If you didn't already know this, tomorrow is National Pizza Party Day. Which combines two of our favorite things:

1. Pizza

2. Partying

You know we couldn't resist celebrating. So we brainstormed, as we do, for how we wanted to honor the combination of pizza and parties. We thought of the basics- going out to a pizza joint, making personal pizzas at the office.... but it all felt so BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. 

So we decided to take a sweet spin on your typical pizza party- literally. Dessert pizza?! I mean come on. It's so much prettier than regular pizza. It's delicious in a different way. And we're finally into the season where we can enjoy the prettiest fruits and flowers from the farmer's market.

Take a look here to see how we made ours!

Honestly, it's so easy.

All you need is

1. sugar cookie mix

2. frosting flavor of your choice

3. fresh fruits

4. pansies or another edible flower

Bake your cookie cake and spread your frosting.


Add your fruits in fun patterns.

Have fun with the little details, like mini decorative cookies.

Add some flowers, and voila! So beautiful and delicious. Happy National Pizza Party Day!