A Rosy Horseshoe for The Derby

If there's one thing we love in the office, it's getting dressed up and making cocktails. And what better occasion than The Kentucky Derby?! Ridiculous hats, frilly dresses, and mint juleps sound RIGHT up our alley. 

This year for the Derby we styled a mint julep bar in the office. The recipe for this drink is SO simple, requiring only bourbon, simple syrup, water, and mint- refreshing and delicious for a spring day. We even put some mint out on the cart so everyone could garnish as much as they desired. For food, we kept it super simple with a naked cake. 

To decorate, we found an amazing floral styrofoam horseshoe, where we added roses- the traditional flower of The Derby. 

We even made a simple sign out of white fabric, ribbon and metallic marker for the Mint Julep Bar. 

To finish off the look, we added pretty ribbons and fresh peonies to our favorite floppy hats!

We hope you enjoy the Derby this year with a rose-filled horseshoe, floral hats, and refreshing mint juleps!