A main floor makeover with Abaca Interiors


I am going on almost 10 years living in the house that we bought in Quogue. We don't live here through the year, only in the summer when I move out for the months of July and August. 


When we bought this house, it was a new build. We were the first to live in it which I love. No other tushies touched our toilets before we got here.

It's been many years looking at the same decor and and an eggshell colored paint on all walls.  I had always wanted my house painted white.

I finally made the move. I called up my BF Lisa @AbacaInteriors and told her it's time for a makeover on the main floor.  She was all over it. Thank goodness because I will no longer decorate without her. She's the mastermind designer behind my NYC apartment and the basement that I finished in our house a couple years back.

My main floor is a very open concept. You walk into the living room / dining room / kitchen. The layout is so perfect for someone like me who loves to entertain and has FOMO when I can't talk to everyone in my home.


The first and easiest update that Lisa made to the entry hallway of my house is painted the back of my door, black. What a difference that makes.


She also turned the front hall into an unofficial mudroom. Lisa found a wood bench for us to sit on and put on our shoes, a stunning trio of baskets for shoes and sports equipment, a rug (totally transforms the space) and a new mirror to go above my antique hutch.


My favorite new item in this space is the chandelier Lisa found. It's such a stunner.


When you walk in you're right in the living room.  We love our L-Shaped couch so that stayed. We did however replace the rug, custom coffee table and added in a new leather couch.


Above the couch I wanted a dramatic piece because the wall is so large with the high ceilings that we have. I've always had my eye on Grey Malin's prints and I finally bit the bullet and got one. Lisa suggested a white, matte, frame to give it a larger scale and fill out the wall perfectly above my new leather couch. Gah.
Other items in the living room - 
Side Tables
Side Table
Floor lamps

Let's move into the dining room. The only thing we changed in here was...
Lisa added a mobile which makes my heart skip a beat. What a great use of a super high ceiling above a table that doesn't need a light.
She also changed out the frames on my wall to be black. They used to be white frames so the change to black was an inexpensive and bold update.


In the kitchen, Lisa changed all of the hardware to matte black. She also painted the antique breakfast table I have to the color black. To compliment all of the dark new features, Lisa found a runner for the kitchen floor that is white with thin black stripes.

My breakfast nook used to be very pink. I got so sick of it. Lisa changed the shade to be a white linen which is now so clean and airy looking. Lisa also recovered my bench in a stain resistant, patterned fabric that I find to be sophisticated and playful at the same time.

As you walk through the floor you will notice we put in new sconces. I love how they are modern but feel cottage-y because of the Edison bulb.


Last but not least is the master, guest bedroom on this floor. This room....was completely transformed.


That wall? Is wallpaper. Looks like it was hand painted...but it's wallpaper and I'm obsessed.

The Twiggy print? Hurts. What a perfect combination.

The pillows? Oy. Love them.
The serape bed spread?  Ok enough.

Lisa also found a great dresser that she styled with an assortment of funky white vases and a collage of rattan mirrors on the wall above.
Other items in this room are - 
Side Tables
Duvet Cover

I think it's pretty safe to say I could not be happier with how this home makeover turned out. Thank you Lisa at Abaca Interiors for your sharp eye and your incredible work. I love you to the moon and back!

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