An Intimate Engagement Party


This summer, we had a chance to style a stunning engagement party in a private home. We were able to bring in beautiful details to decorate the intimate setting, and we hope it brought to light the love this young couple shares!

And when we say light, we mean it literally. We used light as an element throughout the space with the most amazing marquee letters and twinkle lights. Knowing this party was occurring in the evening, we thought it would be a show stopper to brighten the rooms with warm tones.

Upon entry, the guests were "wow-ed" with a ceiling filled with balloons and shimmering gold tassels (DIY coming soon!). We went totally balloon crazy for this party!

As if the 250 entryway balloons weren't enough, we also made a bubbly balloon garland. The chrome gold and white balloons mixed with the greenery made for a stunning arch over the fireplace. We also scattered jumbo balloons with greenery tails all over the space.


The color scheme was intentionally simple- white, gold, and deep green. So we really had fun with the greenery. We used these large scale LOVE letters to drape greenery, forming a focal point for the party.

Last but not least, our final little details included our flower arrangements, signature drink signage, and custom cocktail napkins. The flowers were simple, using the white and green theme, dropped into some of our favorite green and white vases. We made a sign to showcase the featured drink for the night- a classic margarita. The napkins were designed to match the invitation for the party, after the famous LOVE sculptures by Robert Indiana. It's little details like these that really bring the whole party to life!