A stress free, beautiful brunch


One of my favorite forms of entertaining is brunch.

When I wake up on a weekend morning, I don’t want to wake up super early so I keep it as simple as humanly possible with bagels.

I love a bagel spread. Us Jews call it bagels + schmear.


I order in or send my husband and kids to pick up fresh, hot bagels in an assortment of flavors:
- sesame
- poppy
- plain
- egg
- everything
I get 2-3 spreads:
- plain cream cheese - 0.5 pound
- scallion cream cheese - 0.5 pound
- white fish salad (if you know your crowd likes it - 1 pound)
- 1 pound of Lox (smoked salmon)
- Sliced tomato, cucumber and onion

Assign to your guests to bring or make sure to serve -
- fruit bowl
- 1-2 sweets (babka, cookies, sponge cake)


Serve juice (I like using a glass pitcher), water and coffee/tea (which can be served on demand if you have pods or pre-brew when dinner is finishing up if drip).
I also like to serve a fresh challah (makes for great leftovers for sammies for the kids’ lunches).

Naturally, I take great pride in how I set my table. I have a huge collection of pink, white, black, gold, copper…you name it, dishes from CB2. I love setting my table with their products.


But you don’t have to go nuts. Keep it simple. We have a variety of party supplies in our shop. Browse now if you need stunning tableware in a pinch.


I hit the local farmer’s market the day before my party to stop up on fresh flowers and all the seasonal ingredients that I need for my spread.

Want a great bagel styling hack? Well first off….pre-cut them before your guests arrive. Then…take your paper towel holder and empty it (if it’s cute and just a pole) and stick your bagels down the rod.


Last but not least, put on a chill playlist, you can find tons of curated lists on Spotify. Cheers!

Seri KertznerComment