Ahoy Matey!


Recently we have had a lot of requests for Pirate Parties and Oh Em Gee…how ADORABLE?!

After receiving the requests for this fantastic party theme we could not resist adding a Pirate Party in a Box to our shop!


Natalie found the most adorable pirate party hats and mixed them with pirate plates and cocktail napkins that are perfect for serving dessert as well as a set of gold metallic star plates for lunch.

We also included a couple of the most stellar pirate ship balloons, easily inflated with helium OR air if you have the means to attach to your wall with tape or command strips.


There’s a lot of fun that you could have with food + snacks for this party…a few that I just picked up from the web to get ya going are…

  • Crown Jewels – Ring Pops.

  • Crackers for Polly – Crackers.

  • Captain's Rum – Gummy Coke Bottles & Root Beer Barrels.

  • Catch of the Day – Goldfish.

  • Shark Bait – Swedish Fish.

  • Extra Peg legs – Mini Sausages.

  • Bucket O'Bones – Yogurt Pretzels.

Now let’s party! ARGGGGGHHHHHH.
Shop the Pirate Party in a Box here. Need to add on party supplies? Do so by clicking here. Looking for more or something specific? Get in touch with us here.

Seri KertznerComment