A Bridal Shower for a Best Friend

There’s something really special and sentimental about the years when your closest friends all start to get married. For most people, it’s between the ages of 27 and 35. I’m almost 27, and here I am, with the first of my best girlfriends getting married. I realized I have finally reached that moment where we all have to say “okay, we’re grown ups now.” It makes us happy and sad and proud all at the same time. In the end, it’s pure joy to see one of your best friends celebrate being engaged to the love of their life, especially when that person is also someone you have known since you were a child.

I have been friends with Hillary since elementary school, and as we grew older, our friendship grew stronger as we began to merge friend groups. By high school, our core 6 best friends were thriving, and we still are to this day. So when Hillary got engaged last year, I knew I couldn’t wait to be a part of the festivities. I told Hillary’s mom, Daria, who is like another parent to me, that I would help design the bridal shower. Of course, I brought true LMP flair to the table. I have this team to thank for always sharing the best inspiration with me, allowing me to test new decor, and for pushing me to execute flawless parties that ultimately lead to the success of me doing this event without them. Luckily, I had Emma, the MOH and my best friend since age 5, by my side to bring the whole party together!

The party was held at Bacchus Wine Bar in Buffalo, NY. The space was perfect for what we needed. To fill the high ceilings, we brought in jumbo balloons with confetti and attached our favorite gold Minted garlands to the tails. We used beautiful gold lanterns lent to us by the Mother of the Groom to weight them down.

Each table also had floral arrangements. I used vintage milk glass vases from Two Be Continued on Etsy and gold painted wine bottles. I shopped at Maureen’s Wholesale Flower Market in downtown Buffalo for the loose stems and arranged them into the vessels so we had enough to decorate whole space. The mother of the groom also provided table numbers which corresponded with the chart, making it easy for the guests to take their seat.

I also designed some fun signage and games for everyone to play. Hillary found the games online she wants to play, and I re-made them to match the theme. I also made a welcome sign, a seating chart (in a vintage frame), a mimosa bar sign, and a sign to “guess the kisses for the Mrs.” game. Everything Hillary found for us to do was such a hit!

And of course, it wouldn’t be an LMP celebration without a balloon garland photo moment.


What a happy shower for the sweetest friend a girl could ask for. I felt so lucky to share this day with my best friends, our moms, and most importantly, I felt lucky that I could bring joy to the soon-to-be bride!