Father's Day Whiskey Tasting

With Father’s Day coming up, we wanted to style something special for those whiskey-loving dads. My dad would personally love to do a whiskey tasting like this one with his friends! 

The best part about a little celebration like this one is that you can make it at home and have each guest bring the type of whiskey they want everyone to try. You just lay out some paper on the table and label each bottle. We used kraft, but you could even use something as accessible as a plain wrapping paper!


We set out 4 types of whiskey and 4 glasses for each. This setup is perfect for dads, with no frills. It’s all about focusing on the taste of each whiskey with their friends.

And it wouldn’t be a party without a nice palette cleanser or a whiskey evaluation sheet! You can find one of these online to print out, and you can test each dad’s knowledge about the taste of the whiskey. Make it interesting by letting the guest who brought the highest rated whiskey bring home a prize!

We hope you get a chance to throw your dad a little party like this one for Father’s Day this year. Cheers!