Cocktails in the sky


Last week, Natalie wrote all about the gardening that she did on my deck. We learned a lot from the deck after last summer such as:

  1. WIND: You could literally blow off that deck it gets so windy out there. Some of the plantings we did last year did not stand up to the strong winds so this year we went with plantings that could stand up to wind, sun, lack of water….succulents and cactus have proved to be the winners!

  2. SUN and lack of sun: My deck is covered by the deck on the floor above me. So the plants that hang by the railing of my deck get a whole lot of sun and tend to brown/dry very quickly. The plants that are by my window get no sun. PLUS…I’m not always around to water the plants. Tricky Tricky right?!

We did our best to put together an assortment of flowers, plants and herbs that would stand up to the deck issues that we discovered last year. So far so good except for our tomato plant which has since blown over in the wind and completely died since we shot this little deck party here. RIP Tomatoes.


My favorite thing about this deck is the view. It’s so cool to have people over and enjoy cocktails on the deck while staring at New York City to the North. Outdoor space in NYC can be hard to find and I never want to let go of what I have here.

When hanging out on the deck I always have some type of snack to enjoy with the cocktails that I’m serving. This time around I kept it simple with a cold, crisp Rosé and a cheese board with olives and crackers.

Now that the weather is warming up more and the wind is dying down (a bit) I can have more and more outdoor shindigs with cocktails, mocktails and all the summer treats I can think of!

Seri KertznerComment