Dinner in the Backyard Oasis


I’m sure by now you all have seen Seri’s dreamy backyard renovation. We decided there was no better excuse to break it in than to have a beautiful dinner when the whole team was in town.

Our tradition the past two years has been to style one gorgeous dinner per summer for ourselves to enjoy- because what’s the point of being a party planner if you can’t join in the fun?! In 2017, our dinner was in Seri’s backyard pre-reno. In 2018, our dinner was on our friend Laura’s waterfront deck. And if we say so ourselves, 2019’s dinner has been the best one yet.


This dinner took place on a night when we were preparing for a huge event. While the rest of the LMP squad was running around, I stayed back to set up this special dinner for us. I wanted to create a tablescape that would pair nicely with Seri’s modern black and white backyard theme. I used all black and white decor items and focused on grassy greens and pinks from Seri’s garden for our subtle pop of color. I added in some feathers to our arrangements for another earthy spin- vases don’t just have to be used for traditional flowers! I also filled the table with lanterns and candles to put emphasis on the warm light of summertime.

The final details I wanted to add to this table was something special and handmade for each guest. I made special place cards and menus for each setting. The place cards I made were black leather tassel keychains with gold writing for everyone’s name as well as an official LMP logo stamp on the back. This was fun for everyone to be able to take something home with them. I made the menus using multiple layers of card stock and genuine leather with some square mirror embellishments and a feather for a delicate touch.


And finally, the dinner itself. Seri asked the Culinistas to come over to cook for us and it was absolutely delicious- not to mention STUNNING. We certainly couldn’t have served ugly food on a table so pretty!

I don’t know if there’s anyone quite as wonderful as a summertime dinner at home with chilled wine and great company. The LMP team finally had some quality meal time together, joined by Seri’s Aunt Marissa and Luke, of course! This crew made 2019’s backyard dinner one for the books.


Until next summer!