A Barnyard Birthday Bash


Well this may be it folks...our most adorable birthday party to date! Seriously....this barnyard bash was udderly fantastic! (Pun intended).


This birthday was a joint party for two adorable little gals turning 3 and 4. Obviously best friends and lovers of all adorable animals.


Our clients, two very stylish woman, booked an event space that blew our minds. Industria NYC located over on the west side has several spaces that are commonly used for events and photo shoots. The studio that these ladies booked for their daughter's birthday party had concrete floors, exposed brick walls and a garage that opened up right onto the streets of NYC.


To create the ultimate barnyard bash they asked us if we could bring in a pony for the kids to ride and farm animals for the kids to pet. Needless to say...this idea went over pretty well! Thanks to Aly's Ponies who brought in a variety of farm animals such as ducks, goats and bunnies. Their staff was super friendly and the kids had a blast touching, feeling and taking photos with these animals.


We didn't stop there with the entertainment. Ramblin' Dan & The Freewheelin' Band came in to preform for the kids. They are our favorite kids band in NYC. Dan is so animated and FUN! Plus he plays songs the best songs including top hits that he puts a really awesome spin on appealing to the whole crowd, kids and adults.


We also set a table up for Melinda Prom and her team to paint the faces of all the kids at the party. Also...a HIT!


For the food buffet, we called in Poppy's Catering for an assortment of children's sammies and platters of cheese, meat, fruit and veggies. Poppy's also make the most delicious homemade chips that they package up so beautifully for parties. Was the perfect mix of food for the parents who were busy chasing after their kids at this party. Our favorite part of this food buffet? See that barn on the wall?  Don't even ask how we got it up there. It involved using a horse on a stick...HA!


Huge thanks to Abby's grandmother who gave us tons of antique items straight from her farm in upstate New York! We'll forever cherish these items and use them over and over again at our events.


For the cakes, each birthday girl told us their favorite animal. One requested a farm animal  favorite - the cow, and the other gal wanted a cake that looked like her favorite stuffed animal doggie! We worked with the amazing team at Tribeca Treats who totally nailed these cakes.


How about our Barnyard Bar? Homemade lemonade from Poppy's Catering, paper cow cups, milk and chocolate milk boxes and of course water bottles with adorable custom labels designed by Maggie.


As a thank you and a send off to all the kids who attended our clients found stick horses. How amazing?! So fitting for the party theme and too cute for words.


Now I think you can see what I mean about this party being pretty fabulous and a fave to date. Happy birthday to our new friends!

Photos taken by Abby Copleston Rentals from Please be Seated