A Cozy Winter Cocktail Party


As soon as the cold weather hits in the east coast hibernation sets in. Time to celebrate the great indoors! What better time to invite friends and family over to join in and keep cozy?


To set the stage for an inviting environment during the coldest of months, we focused on three specific elements: 1.) The HOT bar: We love the smell of hot apple cider. We also love the smell of hot cocoa. Why not offer both?! And some light rum and Baileys to spike it if you like of course. We set aside a carafe of hot water for those who want pumpkin spice tea. Since our guests spend a lot of time mulling around the bar, the festive décor is focused in that direction. We borrowed a vintage white frame and filled the inside of the frame, on the wall with cut berry florals hanging upside down. Also borrowed, was a rustic bark-lined lantern. We dropped a small copper vase of fresh flowers inside for an unexpected chic and outdoorsy pairing.


2.) The food: An event of this nature results in a revolving door, people popping in and out to say hello. To avoid getting stuck in the kitchen all day, heating food and then heating more food to replenish, we set a table with an edible runner for guests to enjoy all day long. The runner has an assortment of dried meats, cheeses, fruits and tons of fresh breads. Guests could help themselves and chat at the table or fill up a plate and go lounge on the couch.


3.) Activities: It’s important to me to keep everyone warm so we provided tons of blankets and pillows. Pop some party crackers or play games by the fireplace, whatever your friends are in to.


Now call in the troops.If they ask you what they can bring…tell them wine. You can never have too much to drink when you’re bundled up with good company inside.


Credits and Thanks for contributing to this shoot to: Venue: Bash Studio Photography by: Sandra Brzezinski Copper Teapot, gold and copper vases, rose gold bread basket:  CB2 Blankets, party crackers, paddle, thermos and tote:  Hudson's Bay Company