A Mermaid Birthday Party with Nestlé

This post has been sponsored by NESTLÉ. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Here at LMP, we specialize in fun, beautiful parties, many of which are for children. We’ve done lots of different themes in the past like Barnyard Bashes, Safari Firsts, and Around the World Bat Mitzvahs. Well last week we had the pleasure of setting up the prettiest mermaid themed birthday party after we received an order online for a custom girl’s birthday box. It also just so happens that Erin, a friend of Luke, Seri’s son, has a birthday coming up…. So what better way to surprise her for their playdate than a cute & easy party set up.

The idea hit us only two days before the actual playdate was scheduled. Luckily for us, Seri has a Walmart near her home on Long Island. She stopped by on her way back into the city that weekend, and found everything we needed to complete our birthday party play date. You can find your local Walmart by clicking here.

For all parties, we break up our food into two categories, entrees & a sweet treat. While shopping around, Seri found the perfect entree for these two pizza lovers, the DIGIORNO ® Cheese Stuffed Crust Five Cheese Pizza . It seriously looked too good to pass up, I mean Stuffed Crust?! Say no more!

Seri also picked up a family size box of STOUFFER’S® Family Size Lasagna with Meat & Sauce , which we just popped in the oven and served to the kids as an alternative to pizza.


Seri knew she wanted to serve lemonade as the beverage because it’s sweet, she can make it at home, and after all, who doesn’t like an ice cold glass of lemonade? But to give it a kick of flavor, she added in an OUTSHINE® Fruit Bar to each cup.


It was perfect because the package included a variety of flavors like Raspberry, Strawberry, and Lime, so each kid could fit their mocktail to their own tastes. Together the lemonade + fruit bars would create the perfect drink for the kids, give them their sweet sugar fix, and take no time at all to set up.

Come the day of the play date, we set up the decor and tableware just the way we planned it for our client’s custom box. We baked our Stuffed Crust Five Cheese Pizza in a matter of minutes and then placed it on a white cake stand to present it in a fun way that would match our decor.

For our Outshine® Fruit Bars, we waited until the kids were seated at the table and ready to dig in so that we could keep our mocktails nice and fresh.

Erin’s mom was impressed to know that the DiGiorno® pizza, Stouffer’s® Lasagna, and the Outshine® Fruit Bars are all made with ingredients we know and trust.

Thanks to the variety of Nestlé products available at Walmart, we didn’t have to do much searching to make that happen.

All and all, our play date slash surprise birthday bash was a complete success. Luke got huge brownie points for being a thoughtful friend & Seri didn’t have to break the bank to make it happen.


Everything came out beautiful, and most importantly was super affordable + easy thanks to Walmart.