A Romantic Wedding in the East Village

DARA and MICHAEL - 00035

Last summer I got a call from an old friend, who was also my first roommate when I moved to New York City. She told me that she was getting married and was looking for some help to jazz up the party with special touches.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00137

We don't do weddings...but how could I say no? Especially after she told me it was going to be a small, intimate dinner party, with a low key ceremony lead by their close friend. Now that's my speed. I was IN!

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Dara asked that I take charge with all of the decor and coordination. Nothing makes me happier then a client who sits back and lets us do our job. Everything was seamless. Dara & Michael chose Il Buco Alimentari E Vineria which is the most perfect spot located in the east village for an intimate dinner party. There were 50 people and the party was held in the private space upstairs where the walls are all exposed brick and there are several farm tables to sit at.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00133

I proposed soft, romantic, stunning decor. We styled peonies in milk glass bud vases all over the wood tables mixed with candles in antique gold holders that we found at the Hatch Prop Shop.

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DARA and MICHAEL - 00138
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My favorite part of the set up was the placemats. We asked our friends over at Paperfinger to source burgundy paper and customize with every guest's name in calligraphy as the place setting. So. So. Stunning. We especially loved our play on the bride and groom: wifey and hubby.

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DARA and MICHAEL - 00146

As always we had custom menus printed by Minted. And we worked with our favorite cake designers at Empire Cake to create a two tiered red velvet cake with a brush gold painted effect. We added fresh blooms and boom. STUNNING right?!

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DARA and MICHAEL - 00142

Dara, Michael and their family were staying at the Bowery Hotel the weekend of the wedding. The room where Dara was getting ready was so perfect for kicking off her photos.

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DARA and MICHAEL - 00002

For Dara's bouquet we worked with Designs by Ahn who nailed the arrangement that I had been dreaming up in my head. Not only were the flowers gorgeous but the bouquet worked so perfectly with Dara's dress.

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DARA and MICHAEL - 00001

The couple strolled through the streets of the East Village with Dave Robbins for photos prior to meeting their family at Gemma (where Dara and Michael had their first date). They later walked into the venue to see the set up and tears started flowing, including my own. Seeing their reactions to how the room was transformed was thrilling.

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The night went off without a hitch and there was nothing but happiness, good food and love in the room. A success all around.

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Huge hearty Mazel Tov to my friend Dara and thank you for letting me play such an important role in your big day. I wish you and Michael a long life full of good health and happiness.

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