A St. Patrick's Day Breakfast of Champions

It's pretty cool that we can say we have fun when we work; sometimes too much fun! But this last party was one of my absolute favorites. We teamed up with Balloon Time again to show you some quick and easy ways to create a St. Patrick's Day setup...trust me, your kids will go crazy over these!  We happened to set ours up for brunch, but you can do this setup for anytime of day.We started with our TEApot of gold centerpiece. Every St. Paddy's Day celebration has to have a pot of gold...so we figured why not a teapot? We found one in our studio, but the only problem was it was pink. So what did we do? Spray it black of course! After the paint dried we filled it with chocolate coins to create our Teapot of Gold. We used our Balloon Time Helium tank to fill up a colorful assortment of balloons...this tank is so amazing, saves us time and money on a weekly basis! What could make this gorgeous centerpiece even more gorgeous? A rainbow garland of tissue tassel. We love where this party is headed already!! So I know what you're asking...what are those other confetti balloons in there? Pretty gorgeous, right? I found a shamrock hole punch on Amazon, which we then used to punch out different green shades of tissue paper. After the tissue was stuffed into clear balloons, we blew them up with our Balloon Time helium tank and voila!! The Ultimate St. Patrick's Day balloons. You can see the whole tutorial over on the Balloon Time site. Now that we had our centerpiece complete, we needed a little more love on the other side of our table. I found these adorable mini heart balloons and thought they would make the perfect shamrock balloons. They are the perfect size and shade of green. Once we used our tank to blow them up, we simply stuck them to the wall using packing tape and our studio was instantly brightened. If you want the shamrock to float on it's own, simply tie the 4 balloon ends together with string. You can check out the step-by-step here. So now...the food. Cupcakes are just like muffins and totally acceptable for breakfast, correct? We think so. We worked an extremely talented pastry chef Kanupriya who runs Kanupriya Kesari cakes. She came up with these adorable designs for us. And YES they were as good as they look. How perfect are these cupcakes?? What goes perfectly with cupcakes at 9am? Irish coffee. It is St. Patrick's Day after all.  I would say a harmless Irish coffee is a far cry from the amount of boozing we used to do in our 20s! My favorite way to drink irish coffee is out of a clear mug; something about seeing that delicious creamy Bailey's swirl around the dark coffee...mmm SO good! Whipped cream and sprinkles? Yes please! Balloons, cupcakes, spiked coffee and some colorful table confetti and you have yourself a party!