Beauty with Brittany Lo


I’m so excited to be back and writing my second post for LMP! The response that I received after the first post was incredible, and I want to thank you all for being so welcoming.

After my first post, I received some questions and requests for me to write about certain topics, which is exactly what I wanted! Please keep those questions coming.

One reader asked if I had any tips from a quick and easy way to transition your hair and makeup from day to night, after a long day at the office. And the answer is YES! This is a transition that I have gotten down pretty well… after living in the city for a while, you learn to pack for your whole day in the morning when you are getting ready for work. Most of us work at least a train ride away from where we live, and don’t have the time to head home to change or freshen up before heading to an evening event. That’s why a lot of native New Yorkers look like pack mules with this full change of clothes and such when you see us walking around during the day!


I decided to share with you guys my go-to quick and easy routine for getting after-work event ready! LMP team member and my new blog manager, Abby was coming over to the Beautini offices, and she agreed to be my model. Abby had been running around the city all morning prepping for an LMP event, and was coming over to get ready for a networking event that we were both going to. We had about 30 minutes before we had to leave, which was plenty of time! Abby made us a quick cocktail and I got to work!


By about 4PM, your morning makeup has probably smeared a bit so it's important to start with a clean face, or around the eyes at the very least. I cleaned up Abby's eye makeup and began with her eye shadow makeup as she wanted a quick smokey eye. My rule is that if you are doing a simple eye look you can do foundation first but if you're putting more shadow on then it's best to do that before applying the foundation to ensure you can wipe away any shadow that falls onto the face when applying. The Urban Decay basics palette has great neutral colors and is compact so it can fit well in your makeup bag! I used 'Foxy' as the base with 'Faint' and a touch of 'Crave' in the corners. Next I used Stila's Liquid Liner to create a small cat eye on Abby.


This liner is my absolute favorite because it's easy to apply the liner and the liner does not come out too thick. After that apply some mascara on the top and bottom for added drama. If you are going to a night time event then feel free to also add pencil liner to your bottom as well. For Abby I smudged her bottom liner with a MAC 263 Small Angle Brush to give a slightly softer look.


Once the eyes are completed, clean under the eyes with a makeup remover wipe and add your foundation and concealer. For Abby we used Make Up Forever's HD Foundation and their cream palette concealer. Both products provide full coverage but are lightweight so they do not give the "cakey" look when applied.


Next we added some warmth to her face and I used my FAVORITE bronzer from Too Faced. Oh, did I mention that it's made with cocoa powder? Yes your face will smell like chocolate as you are applying this! I added some blush along Abby's cheekbones to add a tint of color to her face as well.


Lastly we used a NARS lip pencil in Rikugien (after she sipped on her cocktail of course!) and she was all set for the event! To complete the look, I threw Abby's hair up into a low messy bun.


Super easy, right? This whole look took me about 15 minutes to finish, with frequent breaks for sipping on my French 75 and to snap some pictures. What do you think of Abby’s look?


Have any requests for a makeup look you’d like me to write about? Just leave a comment.

Until next week! XO, B.Lo