Blackberry Mint Moscow Mules

I'll admit something -- I think this cocktail might be my favorite one that I've made to date.  There is something so cool and satisfying (albeit trendy) about sipping a refreshing moscow mule.

You see all sorts of variations of the original moscow mule recipe, and most that I have tried have been extremely delicious.  I recently tried this blackberry mint one while out to dinner with a friend and enjoyed it so much that I was inspired to make my own.

Here's what you need:

-ginger beer

-your favorite unflavored vodka

-fresh blackberries

-fresh mint

-fresh limes



Here's what to do:

1) Add 3 black berries and a few mint leaves to each of your mugs.

2) Measure out 2 oz of vodka into each mug.

3) Use your muddler to muddle blackberries and mint leaves with the vodka.

4) Fill each glass 3/4 of the way full with ice.

5) Squeeze juice of half a lime into each mug.

6) Fill glass rest of the way with ginger beer.

7) Stir gently.

8) Skewer 2-3 blackberries onto cocktail skewer. Add skewered blackberries, wedge of lime and sprig of fresh mint to each glass to garnish.

Sip, sip, SIP!

Not only is this drink stunning, but it is simple.  Some cocktails can be extremely complicated to make, and I am not about that life at all.  This recipe is just the right amount of special, without being over the top.

I styled my moscow mules with these beautiful copper mugs that were given to me for my birthday by two of my best friends (thanks Steph and Greyson!) who understand my love of copper and cocktails.  I love these mugs because of the gold handles, which make them that much more special.

I used a small cocktail stick to skewer a few blackberries to each mug for garnish.  I placed the drinks on a wooden tray, and used my leftover blackberries to line the tray.  Be careful not to squish these bad boys as their juice will stain most surfaces.

Enjoy! Hope you have a fantastic week!