Calling All Cat Lovers


Everyone has that one friend who is a total cat lady…. well for me, it just so happens to be myself! I have had two cats my whole life and I am totally a feline lover. Always have been, always will….


Well at the end of 2018 we got a custom box inquiry for a woman who’s daughter was obsessed with cats. And the party assortment was so cute, when we were planning our new 2019 boxes we knew we needed to recreate one for our box site.


So introducing…. the Cat Lover’s Party in a Box!


This box has SO many good party supplies. One of my favorites that is a new addition to the shop are these YAY napkins. The holographic + neon combo makes its so cute and versatile!


Some other favorite decor items from this box are of course the Cat plates, I mean hello??? Even if you aren’t a cat lover like myself, you have to admit these babies are CUTE!


As a bonus to this box we decided to include these cat shaped cookie cutters. It’s awesome because you can actually use this as an activity at your party and have all the kids decorate their own cookies… how fun!


We hope you guys love this box as much as we do!


Natalie aka, LMP’s Cat Lady