Celebrating Purim Project Playdate Style


If you asked me to tell you the story of Purim right now I would say it's about a King and Queen who lived happily ever after no thanks to the token villain, Haman.

Haman happened to wear a hat that was shaped like a triangle with 3 corners and because of that, we eat doughy cookies shaped like triangles and filled with jam, chocolate or poppy seeds.


Because our Purim playdate fell on a Friday we incorporated Shabbat dinner into the mix. I thought it would be fun to toy with the a savory hamantaschen for the kids. After speaking with the receptionist at my son's school she told me that she has been taking cooking classes in Brooklyn and gave me this recipe from her class for Corndog Hamantaschens.  Looks easy enough...so I gave a crack at it. They were awesome!  The only problem was...I didn't take any photos. UGH!!  You'll have to take my word for it. They make for a great little Purim snack or appetizer served with mustard and ketchup.

Of course we also served sweet hamantaschens, which the kiddies gobbled up very quickly.


Ok let's move on to the cocktail. Check this out...

Hamantaschentini's !!

These were so easy and delicious!!  Abby will be sharing the recipe for these tomorrow. Stay tuned.


To keep the kids busy we called our friends at Imagination Lane and asked for some fun Purim craft ideas. Naturally she suggested crowns and capes. Perfect and perfect.


The kids decorated foam crowns with sticker jewels and glitter markers. And then they created superhero capes out of felt shapes, stickers, fabric markers and more sticker jewels. Who is ready to celebrate Purim? THESE GUYS ARE!


Happy Purim, Friends. Hope it's sweet and fun!