Cheers my Dears!


This is it guys! We are counting down to the big night...and have some final tips to share. Hope you all have the most fabulous New Years Eve! Be safe and CHEERS MY DEARS! Greet your guests with a cocktail. Make sure you have non-alcoholic drinks on hand for those who don't drink. Pomegranate or Cranberry juice is the perfect mixer for prosecco and delicious on it's own with a splash of Club Soda. Accessorize your outfit and your party! Set out coasters for drinks, add paper straws to the cocktails and style your home with bright colored flowers.


Don't let yourself get stuck in the kitchen. Take a little help from the store and serve up ready to heat appetizers such as mini quiche, pigs in a blanket and spring rolls. You can pre-make fresh dips to serve with each. End the night on a sweet note with mini cupcakes and pretty toppers. Set the tunes on high and kick off your heels. Let loose and enjoy the big bash. 3,2,1...don't forget to share! We can't wait to see how you PARTY!