Cheese Board Basics


Why don't you come over for a glass of wine before dinner....? What does that mean? It means, cheese + wine. My favorite combo ON THE PLANET EARTH. Now how many ways are there to put together a board of cheese? A LOT!  So today we're rounding it up for make it super easy. You can do this is in less then 20 minutes flat... Essentials: * Crackers * 2-3 types of cheese: soft, hard (cube it) and stinky * Grapes and/or dried fruit and nuts * A cured meat if you so desire * Cheese knives, cocktail plates and napkins Don't forget the olives and I love serving crusty bread. I even like to add a little rosemary to the plate for the woodsy aroma and the fresh green pop that it gives to the board. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends over...we just made it so easy for you to do so!