Chef Luke makes Boobie Frieda's "Flatzy" chicken


If you ask Chef Luke what he wants to eat for dinner on any given day he will say FLATZY CHICKEN!  Actually he won't say it...he will scream it. Hands down my Boobie (Grandma) Frieda's "Flatzy" chicken is the best. What does "Flatzy" mean? Flat. That's right she took that word and made it Yiddish. That's what she does with most words adding a Y or A at the end. For the sake of this post you can call me Serinka. That's what Boobie calls me. Now let's make some Flatzy Chicken!


Here's what you'll need... 1 package of chicken cutlets 2 eggs Breadcrumbs and/or Cornflake crumbs Corn oil for frying

-Crack 2 eggs into a shallow bowl and whisk -Pour bread crumbs mixed with corn flake crumbs onto a plate -Take one package of chicken cutlets and FLATTEN them with a mallet on a plastic cutting board -Heat corn oil in a frying pan or electric frying pan -Dip the chicken into egg before coating both sides of the chicken evenly with breadcrumbs -Ask an adult to gently drop the chicken into the pan of hot oil -Cook for 2-3 minutes per side -Remove from pan and drain on paper towel


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Video by Maggie Antalek Photos by Abby Copleston