Chef Lukes goes Pacman for National Grilled Cheese Day


You know that saying "it's so easy a kid could do it"? Well...that's how we feel about grilled cheese. Seriously, it's so easy, our own little Chef Luke made it!


Since it's National Grilled Cheese day today we thought of a fun way to celebrate with our little guy.


Chef Luke whipped up a few grilled cheeses (all by himself!) slapping two pieces of bread together with his favorite slices of cheese inside (cheddar and muenster) and then grilled it up in a hot skillet filled with butter.


Now since Chef Luke loves to play with his food...we let him do just that. We found Pacman cookie cutters for him to cut the grilled cheeses out into Pacman shapes. With all the cut shapes, he built a game board on one of our black trays with grape tomatoes and cherries.  HOW CUTE IS THIS?!!


Watch Chef Luke in action here...

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day, friends!

Video by Maggie AntalekPhotos by Abby Copleston