Christmas in Cabo


Every year, my family takes a beach vacation over the Christmas holiday. Since we celebrate Hanukkah and not Christmas, it's the perfect time for us to get away and during the month of December when the temperatures dip below freezing, we crave nothing more than the beach and sun. Oh...and a margarita or two.


Last year, we coordinated our trip with our best friends from LA. They are friends who used to live in NYC but moved a few years ago to be close to their families when they had children. It's hard to separate a friendship and stay close.  We find by vacationing together, we can continue to get to know their children and stay tight family friends.

When researching the best hotel to stay in, we got wind of The Hilton being a great option post hurricane renovations. Boy was it ever amazing for families. The property is right on the beach, the rooms were spacious and clean and the service was top notch. The pool is gorgeous and has tons of shallow, flat areas for the kids to play on plus they have several swim up bars. Key to your success on a vaca with kids.


My kids are very quick to make friends. They talk to everyone. They met so many wonderful people on the trip this year, to the point of crying from heartbreak when some of the friends left before us.


We trust the hotel when it comes to babysitters for the kids.  They supply sitters from the kids club so my kids knew them from playing games there sometimes during the day. We booked a sitter for each night that our friends were at the resort with us so we could go out for adult meals. Cabo has the best restaurants we have seen yet on vacation.

A few of our favorite restaurants in Cabo are:

Flora Farms - we took the kids here for lunch, better during the day when you can see the true beauty of the farm.
Mi Casa
La Golondrina
The Office


The Office is on the beach and a total scene.  We had taken the kids there one night before sunset and it was the perfect spot for them. It's loud, great Mexican food and so bright and colorful.

It was another great vacation for the books. Cannot wait to go back next year. Till then...bring on the skiing! Up next...WHISTLER!

Seri KertznerComment