Cosmos and Cupcakes


Just like Sex in the City taught us, there is nothing more chic than a good cosmo. I've been back in the city for a few days prepping for a few events coming up, and I decided it was time to make a cocktail to celebrate.


I had set up our custom PJ's and Pancakes Party in a Box that we built for a client in our studio, and made my drink to show how to transition your party in a box for cocktail hour after the kids party is over!


Here's what you need: -vodka -triple sec -cranberry juice -fresh lime juice -fresh limes -ice -cocktail shaker

Here's what to do for 2 drinks: 1) Take your cocktail shaker and fill up halfway with ice. 2) Add 4 oz. of vodka, 1 oz of triple sec and 2 oz. of cranberry juice to shaker.  Shake slightly. 3) Add 3/4 oz. of fresh lime juice to shaker and shake well. 4) Divide mixture evenly between each cocktail glass.  Add fresh lime slice to each glass for garnish.

YUM. Sip on this beauty once you have gotten all of your guests out the door and the kids to bed.  Maybe indulge in some leftover cupcakes?


Celebrate your hard work... you can clean up tomorrow!


See ya next week... Cheers!