Cucumber Mint Gin & Tonics

A little back story -- It was my best friend's birthday this past week, and she made a surprise trip from Boston to NYC for the night this past Friday, so I got to see her unexpectedly.  It was such a nice little fix.

With her visit in mind, I decided to make a cocktail that I knew she would enjoy.  I love when I have real life inspiration for a new cocktail recipe. I know that she loves gin & tonics, and to add a little twist, I made a cucumber and mint version of her favorite.

Here's what you need: -your favorite gin (I used Hendricks) -tonic water -club soda -1 fresh cucumber -a few sprigs of fresh mint -a few fresh limes -ice

Here's what to do: 1) Fill your rocks glass halfway with ice. 2) Add 2 oz of gin to each glass. 3) Add 3 oz of tonic water to each glass. 4) Add 1 oz club soda to each glass. 5) Add a few slices of cucumber and leaves of mint to each glass. 6) Garnish rim of each glass with a lime wedge.

And you're done! I styled these drinks with these gorgeous metallic gold dots rocks glasses that my roommate got me for Christmas -- can you believe that she found these at Marshalls?!

I placed these drink glasses on Seri's new pink acrylic tray by Oh Joy! for Target.  I think this is my new favorite thing ever.  I love how the gold dot glasses look on this tray... everything about this whole situation is so colorful!

Enjoy, see you next week!