Daniella's Bachelorette Bash with our Party in a Box


Ok, how perfect is the Bachelorette Party in a Box? I think the day that Little Miss Party released it I sent a group text to my bridesmaids telling them my bachelorette absolutely needed it. They were onboard and then told me that my work was done and they had the rest handled…..with wedding planning this is exactly what a bride wants to hear! As a someone who is obsessed with all things wedding and party related, by passing this Party in a Box off to my bridesmaids I was able to rest easy knowing the party was going to be the most tasteful, gorgeous bachelorette.

My bridesmaids hosted a pre-party at my condo in Toronto using the box. We had gone to Her Majesty’s Pleasure in the afternoon, which is a chic nail and hair salon, to get party ready. We then we popped over to Gusto 101 for a quick dinner before coming back to get the bachelorette fun underway!


Since we had eaten, we kept the food light and simple: veggies, popcorn, and chips to munch on. We had sugar cookies that guests could take as favors, and a cake that had the line “One Penis Forever”, because it’s the truth and it’s really as vulgar as we wanted this party to get.


We made a huge batch of sangria to use as our signature drink - the neon champagne flutes were perfect for this! We did a big group cheers and started to party.

One of the most fun parts of my bachelorette party was that my bridesmaids hired a “butler” from Butlers in the Buff. This was such a great alternative to someone else that may come to the party…. You know, the guy who is dressed up as a police officer and tells you that you’re party is too loud…... Our butler was such a gentleman and was so much fun to have around! He made us drinks, poured us extra champagne, helped us with our party games, and took photobooth photos for us. Oh and he helped us put on our “Bride Tribe” tattoos from the box! All while giving us a great view of his back side.


Just to throw this out there…..I hate bridal, wedding, bachelorette cheese. If I never have to dress someone in a toilet paper wedding dress I will be a happy girl. So, here are my top three non-cheesey games for bachelorette parties (and they happen to be the three games we played!):

1) Who Knows The Bride Best (….this is included in the Party in a Box and it was such a hit!): Guests answer a card full questions about the bride. The person with the most correct answers wins and gets to hand out five shots to party-goers!

2) The-Almost-Newlywed Game: Bridesmaids come up with a list of questions for the groom to answer (i.e. Where was your first kiss? Tip: There are tons of question ideas on Pinterest!). Keep answers recorded then ask the bride the same questions. Provide a white board and marker for her to write on her answers on. If she gets the question right and her answer is the same as the groom’s she hands out a shot, if she gets the answer different from the groom, she takes a shot! My sister scored extra points and she actually videotaped my fiancé saying his answers out loud and hooked up her phone to the TV so we got to see him answer the question, which was so much fun! Another note…. I got 7 out of 12 questions wrong. Yup. I took 7 shots in less than 15 minutes.

3) Porn or Polish: All over Pinterest there are lists of nail polishes that may be mistaken for the name of an adult movie. We had a list of questions and bicycle bells. The person running the game says the title, and the first to ring in answers if it is a porn or polish. Of course, loser takes a shot and calls up the next girl to battle!


After the games we blasted our LMP Spotify Playlist and hopped into the photobooth! You’ll notice that we had tinsel backdrop and “she said yaaaas” banner for our table AND for our photobooth backdrop. Well, that’s because the ladies at Little Miss Party are so accommodating and love to customize their boxes. We fell in love with the backdrop and knew we needed it for behind the table and for the photobooth. All it took was one quick email and our box was customized to include the extra items. I mean, how easy is that?


Photobooths need props! We found a website that sold printable bachelorette themed props, printed them off onto card stock at Staples, and hot glued a wooden dowel from the dollar store to the back.

Ladies, if your friend or sister or anyone you know is engaged and you’re planning a bachelorette, you absolutely need this Little Miss Party in a Box. It made our party planning so simple, easy, and the end result was absolutely stunning. Can we all make a pact to eliminate penis straws and feather boas from our bachelorette vocabulary?


xoxo, Daniella