Derby Day Mint Julep Raspberry Iced Tea


We love ourselves a good Kentucky Derby Party! Flowers, horses, big hats, booze... yes please!


When our friends at Four Roses Bourbon sent us a few bottles of their Bourbon Whiskey to try, I decided to play around and come up with a Derby Day cocktail that was a bit more non-traditional... the Mint Julep Raspberry Iced Tea!


Here's what you need:

-Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey -freshly brewed raspberry iced tea (you can make your own or buy at the store) -simple syrup -fresh raspberries -fresh lemons -fresh mint -ice


Here's what to do: 1) In a pitcher, combine 5 oz. bourbon, 2 oz. simple syrup.  Take some fresh mint sprigs and rip into pitcher to release flavor.  Stir to combine all ingredients, and top with lemon slices. 2) Fill each cocktail glass about halfway with ice.  Pour pitcher mixture on top of ice to fill each glass. 3) Garnish with lemon slice, fresh raspberry and sprig of mint. 4) Add a straw for sipping, and enjoy!


I styled these beauties on our favorite gold bar cart, which we decorated with these adorable DIY Derby Balloons, which Maggie will be teaching you how to make on the blog tomorrow!


Happy Derby Day! I hope you enjoy.


Until next week...

Photos by Maggie Antalek