Dip your Chip


I find the playdates at my house run smoothest when I have some type of:A. activity planned B. delicious snack prepared So when the boys got together with their gal pals I thought it would be fun to craft some tissue flowers. Using TONS OF PINK of course. It's teacher appreciation week at school this week and Gavin thought it would be nice to make his teacher flowers. Well it doesn't get much cuter than that. Of course these flowers are perfectly timed as a crafty DIY decoration to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with some color! Speaking of, I was inspired to make guacamole with the boys and then create cups of 7 layer dip. Just dip your chip. All of this was so simple. Here's what ya do... Tissue Paper Flowers Layer pieces of tissue making sure there are two edges all lined up Fold the tissue paper back and forth like an accordion. Cut the edges for a pretty scallop or design. Unfold each layer and pouf it out. Cinch it all together in the back and secure with a rubber band. Voila! For the guacamole (a favorite around these parts) we mashed the following together: 2 avocados (hit them with the juice of a lime after you peel) 1 plum tomato 1/2 sweet onion 1 clove garlic salt and pepper to taste If the kiddos weren't around I would have added a minced jalepeno! To make the individual servings (so perfect for kids or a party!) I layered these ingredients into plastic tumblers: * salsa * sour cream * shredded cheese * the guacamole * scallions Oh wait. That's five ingredients. Well who's counting? Those are the ingredients I like. And of course....to top it all off we enjoyed margarita sangria. You heard me right...salt, tequila, fruit and wine? Um....Thank you Pinterest!