DIY Gold Foil Apple Place Settings


Last week, Seri hosted the most beautiful Rosh Hashanah Dinner. I was so excited to help her work on the pretty details for her guests. Seri's sister, Mandy, had the genius idea to use apples as the place settings for each guest. Apples are symbolic of a "sweet" New Year in the Jewish tradition, so this idea was beyond perfect.

Mandy's vision for these apples included a swish of gold plus each name in script, so I made it happen! For this DIY project, you need apples, white spray paint, gold leaf paint, a paintbrush, and a fine-tip Sharpie.


Step 1: Spray your apples evenly, making sure the paint doesn't drip.


Step 2: Allow the apples to dry FULLY before moving forward.


Step 3: Once completely dry, add a swish of gold leaf to each apple. One to two swipes should give you a sufficient base.


Step 4: After allowing the gold leaf to completely dry, use your favorite script font as a reference to write out each guests name. You want to make sure the name is on the upper hemisphere of the apple so it is visible from above, while looking down at the table.


Step 5: Set the table and ENJOY!

I had an amazing time at my first Rosh Hashanah dinner, and am so excited I was able to partake in this beautiful tradition. L'Shana Tova!

DIYMaggie AntalekComment