DIY Balloon Garland

By popular request, we have finally thrown together a DIY balloon garland tutorial! We absolutely love making these garlands, whether it's for an event or a photoshoot, because they make such a statement in any space. 

Here's what we used to make it:

1. electric balloon pump

2. balloon garland strip

3. latex balloons- a mix of mini (5"), regular (11"), and jumbo (36") work best

4. clear command hooks

5. stretchy string

6. greenery and flowers (optional)

Step by step (all in the video!):

Step 1: Blow up your balloons

Step 2: Pull out 10 feet of your balloon garland strip

Step 3: Poke your balloons into the garland strip and secure by pulling the knotted ends through the provided holes 

Step 4: Keep adding in blocks of color or mixed as you please, until your garland is about 10 ft long.

Step 5: Adhere clear command hooks to your wall in the area you want the garland to hang.

Step 6: Use clear stretchy string to wrap around your garland and loop onto the command hooks across the wall.

Step 7: If you want to jazz it up, add some light greenery (like eucalyptus) and flowers by simply poking the stems into the garland. The trick is to use the leaves as anchors around your garland strip so they don’t fall out.

We hope you enjoyed, and be sure to hashtag #DIYwithLMP when you try it at home!